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Fish Pulao

Fish Pulao is an another version of a biryani. If you have been having chicken and mutton biryani very often, then fish pulav is better change and worth trying. It is very easy to make and all in one vessel. It cooked with tasty spices. Serve it with salad and raita.
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Mughlai Mutton Biryani

Mughlai Mutton biryani is a very famous Indian Dish. It goes very well with raita and best for non-veg lovers. This meal is also cooked at many festive, weddings, birthday occasions, it is liked by everyone. It is a main dish cooked at E-id occasion. Try this recipe.
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Chicken Biryani

Indian Chicken Biryani is a well known rice dish from the Indian sub continent. And is one of the best dish that is loved by all Indians. This delicious recipe is often cooked at home and at many occasions like Eid-days, weddings, birthday parties, holiday and any occasions. Try this recipe provided by us. Check our other chicken recipes
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