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Goan Crab Xacuti recipe, Goan Crab Masla Reicpe

Goan Crab Xacuti Curry Recipe

Goan Crab Curry Xacuti Recipe is cooked at all houses in Goa with good crab masala. This Goan Crab Xacuti is very easy to cook, where all the ingredients are roasted then grinded for a better taste. Check our other Seafood Recipes
patrani machi recipe, patrani machchi recipe, patra ni machi

Parsi Patrani Machchi

Parsi Patrani Machchi Recipe is a very famous Parsi Dish, it steamed fish in banana leaves and served at Parsi Navjot or Weddings, Pateti (New Year). This Patrani Machi is very easy to cook, and healthy. It food of low calorie and cooked without oil. I have attended a lot of Parsi Weddings and Patrani Machchi is my favorite Dish. Check our other Seafood recipes
How to make Tandoori Fish Tikka with Mackeral, White Fish, Salmon or Pomfrets, Tandoori Fish Recipe

Tandoori Fish

Tandoori Fish Tikka is made from any white fish, Salmon or Mackeral which is mostly used for this tasty recipe. Tandoori Fish Recipe is very famous fish dish cooked in Indian Style and very much on demand at restaurants as well as world wide. Tandoori Fish Tikka dish can be served as snacks as well as sidedish. Check our other seafood recipes
fried fish, lemon pepper fish fry recipe, fish recipe

Lemon Pepper Fish Fry

Lemon Pepper Fish Fry is a delicious fish fry which is loved by all people who like fish. The garam masala gives the extra taste to the fish. Lemon Pepper Fish Fry is a very easy recipe to fry fish by adding the powders of peppercorn and fennel seeds. Goes well with bread /chappatis / rotis.
fish pulao recipe, seafood recipe

Fish Pulao

Fish Pulao is an another version of a biryani. If you have been having chicken and mutton biryani very often, then fish pulav is better change and worth trying. It is very easy to make and all in one vessel. It cooked with tasty spices. Serve it with salad and raita.
machi kebab recipe, fish recipe

Machli Kabab

Fish Kabab is a special dish which is used for parties, occasions or as a side dish. It is a dish is very much liked by children and cooked many times at Sunday Occasions. Mostly served with sauce at party occasions.
saas ni machi, parsi fish in white sauce

Parsi Fish in White Sauce (saas ni machhi)

Saas ni Machhi is made from Pomfret which is the common fish used for this recipe or any white fish can be used. It is very tasty Parsi dish. I have cooked this Parsi Fish in White Sauce many times and very delicious. This is also served at Parsi Weddings with rice. The egg, vinegar and sugar in the ingredients gives a real punch to the dish.
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