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goan bebinca recipe, how to prepare goan bebinca / bibik / bebinka recipe

Goan Bebinca Recipe, How to Make Bebinca / Bibinka / Bibik

Goan Bebinca Recipe, How to Prepare Goan Bebinca / Bibinka / Bibik is a very famous and traditional Goan multi layered dessert. This Goan Bibik consumes a little more time to prepare. Traditionally this Goan Bebinca has 7 layers and can also be made with 16 layers. All Goan visitors prefer to buy this famous Bebinca / Bebinka with them. Check our other dish recipes
alle belle recipe, goan coconut jaggery pancake reicpe, goan pan cake

Alle Belle Recipe, Goan Coconut Jaggery Pancake

Alle Belle / Goan Coconut Jaggery Pancake Recipe is a very common and delicious goan pancake. Check this recipe on how to prepare the Goan Pancake with shredded coconut and jaggery. This sweet dish is mostly served at evening teatimes and some festive occasions and my most favorite childhood sweetdish. Check our other dish recipes
goan marzipan easter egg recipe, goan recipes, easter egg

Goan Marzipan Easter Egg

Goan Marzipan Easter Egg recipe is traditional Goan Easter Egg which is mostly prepared using cashewnuts but sometimes almonds are used. I remember in my childhood my mummy making easter eggs and this her marzipan easter egg recipe which i would like to share. It is a simple marzipan easter egg recipe very easy to make. Check our other sweetdish recipes
Goan Coconut Recipe, Gaon Christmas Recipe, Goan Baath

Goan Coconut Baath

Goan Coconut Baath Recipe is traditional Goan Sweet dish which is mostly made from coconut and semolina, while preparing this Goan Coconut Baath Recipe it reminds me of the childhood days, and it also a good goan christmas recipe, it is goan baath cake from the Portuguese cuisine called Bolo de Coco. Check our other sweetdish recipes
easy steamed Christmas Pudding reicpe, how to make christmas pudding

Best Christmas Steamed Pudding

Best Christmas Steamed Pudding Recipe is a very popular christmas dish, prepared to have after dinner. To Make Steamed Pudding is very easy and this recipe is mostly prepared for Xmas. Steamed Pudding can be served with brandy sauce, ice cream or custard. Check our other sweetdish recipes
How to Prepare Goan Neureos, Goan Nevris, Karanji Recipe

Goan Neureos or Goan Nevris or Karanji

Goan Neureos / Goan Nevris / karanji very famous typical sweet dish that is prepared for Christmas and Diwali. It is mostly distributed with guest, neighbours and it is distributed as Kuswar. To prepare Goan Nevris or Goan Neureos or sweet dumplings is really enjoying work. Check our other sweetdish recipes
broken wheat kheer recipe

Broken Wheat Kheer

Broken Wheat Kheer / Broken Wheat Payasam is a very healthy dish. You can prepare this with jaggery for any occasions. It is absolutely delicious and easy to make.
gajar halwa, carrot halwa, sweet dish

Gajar Halwa in Cooker (Carrot Halwa)

Gajar Ka Halwa or Carrot Halwa is India's famous dessert originated in Punjab. It is very good dish mostly cooked during the winter season. Made from Grated carrots, milk, sugar, mawa in cooker and easy to make recipe of Gajar Halwa and tasty.
ground rice pudding recipe

Muhallabia (Ground Rice Pudding)

Ground Rice Pudding / Muallabia with Rice Recipe is one of the classic desserts. Muhallabia is the arabic name that this delicate middle eastern dessert, made from ground rice and flavoured with rose-water. This is very popular in the Middle East and very tasty Sweet Dish prepared with almonds.
vermicelli kheer recipe, vermicelli kheer dessert, vermicelli

Vermicelli Dessert

Vermicelli Kheer Recipe with Milk is a good Vermicelli Dessert very simple to make and tasteful. This is cooked with milk at most of the Indian House as desserts or at occasions, can be cooked any time
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