Benefits of Cumin Seeds (Jeera) Water for Digestion, Health and Skin

Cumin Seeds (Jeera) Benefits for the body

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Cumin seeds or jeera is a very common Indian spice used in preparation of most common Indian Dishes, as it adds more flavor to the dish but did you know the amazing health benefits of this Cumin Seeds or jeera for improving digestion, treating skin disorders, strengthens the immunity. Here are some 10 differents ways we can use cumin seeds water or jeera water for our health benefits

1. Improves Digestion and Abdominal Bloating

Jeera is most commonly used for enhancement of digestion. Cumin Seeds Water everyday helps in taking care of digestive disorders. As the digestive enzymes in the cumin seeds activates the salivary glands in the mouth and helps in improving the digestion of the food. Boiling jeera with water and cooling it to the room temperature and having it everyday, helps in boosting your digestive system. It also gives quick relief in abdominal bloating problem.

2. Relief from Constipation

Cumin seeds has high fiber which helps to improve the bowel movements also helps in getting a great relief from constipation. Roast the jeera seeds till they become brown then grind them out to a fine powder and have it with honey or water on empty stomach.

3. Strengthens the Immunity

Cumin Seeds contains iron and Vitamin C in it which helps the boosting the immunity in the body. Iron also helps in increasing the red blood cells in the body. Use of cumin seeds with water helps the body to boost the immunity to fight against several health troubles and take care.

4. Helps in Cold

Cold is very common problem having viral infections. This cold weakens the immune system of the body. Common cold has running nose, sore throat, cough. Cumin has got iron and Vitamin C which helps in curing cold. Cumin seeds helps in fighting the common cold as it dries up the excess mucous and giving relief from running nose, sore throat and cough.

For quick relief boil two teaspoons of cumin seeds in two cups water with little crushed ginger, then strain the water and keep on having little sips regularly, this will give good relief from cold, cough and sore throat.

5. Relief from Asthma

Cumin Seeds also acts as a bronchodilator and gives good relief in Asthma. Cumin Seeds contains anti-inflammatory agent which helps in reducing the inflammations and treating the respiratory disorders in asthma. It helps in reducing the mucous accumulation and makes it easier to get relief from sneezing, coughing and spitting that helps in better respiration. Having Jeera Tea will give you good relief in asthma.

6. Helps in Skin Care

Vitamin E is beneficial for the skin care and prevention of premature aging symptoms. Everyone likes to have a better skin and look younger. Cumin Seeds contains Vitamin E which acts as antioxidant and helps in repairing the skin damage. You can mix cumin seeds powder with tumeric powder in proportion of 1:3 and prepare the face mask with honey. Apply it on the face and after it dries, wash it water which helps the skin to look better and gives a glow.

7. Regulates the Blood pressure

Cumin seeds also contains good potassium which can helps in controlling the electrolyte balance in the body. Having one glass cumin seeds water, every early morning on empty stomach can help in regulating the blood pressure and helps in keeping the good heart rate.

8. Regulates the Blood Sugar Level

Cumin Seeds water can helps to get the blood sugar level back to normal in your body. It can be used for anti diabetic treatment, by having the cumin water daily.

9. Dandruff Treatment

Cumin Seeds oil can work as great stimulant and antioxidant when massaged on the scalp can help in preventing the dandruff on the head.

10. Prevents Hair Loss

If there is constant hair fall which can lead to baldness, which nobody likes to get bald, the remedy of cumin seeds can also be tried. Every day after bath try apply black cumin oil with olive oil in equal proportions on the bald portions of your head after some days you will find hair growing in those bald portions.


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