Effects of Global Warming on Humans

Global Warming effecting the Nature

global warming effects, global warming
effects of global warming on humans

We human live and survive in an environment to be healthy and non polluted. Air, water, living things we all together make an environment. But unfortunately we humans are the cause of the alarming danger of global warming. The earth is wrapped around with blanket of gases called the atmosphere. The different layers of the atmosphere are exosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere. The combined from of all the physical, chemical and biological factors surround the earth. The environment influences the working and development of all living beings, felling of trees, toxins waste from factories, pollution, too much population has done enormous harm to the natural balance

Imbalancing the Nature

global warming effecting humans

The imbalance of nature is causing great damage to our environment which has to be restored. People are aware of the upcoming danger and creating awareness programs, efforts are in progress to restore the imbalance. The air pollution has caused a big hole in the ozone layer which protects living being from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun due to pollution from chemicals, solid waste, smoke, smog, fumes, pesticide, etc. A proper balance should be maintained, population control programs, proper industrial balance is to be maintained. Conservation of resources of water, soil energy, forest minerals etc. Growing more trees maintains a healthy balance between ecology and industrial growth.

Causing Global Warming

Oil Spills, discharge of gases insecticides destroy the biosphere causing problems. Marine life is endangered due to toxic sewage waste and chemical waste. This can be fatal

Global warming effecting

global warming effecting humans

Radiation from the sun is rich in ultraviolet rays but are absorbed mostly by the ozone layer. These rays are dangerous as they penetrate human bodies through skin and can cause damage. The ozone layer absorbs large amount of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays which can kill plants and causes skin cancer. Global warming causes heavy destruction like droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, acid rains and health hazards

In 1980 ozone layer over the polar regions was being depleted. It was caused because of photochemical reactions between ozone and highly unstable chlorofluorocarbon (CFCS) released into the atmosposhere by aerosols, refrigerators and air conditioners

Ozone can be useful to human as it kills germs and bacteria it can purify water. solar energy is helpful on a large scale. People love sun tans. We must try to stop further damage to the ozone layer or global warming. The green house effect is one method.



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