Importance of School Teacher in Student’s Life

School Teachers Necessity in Student's Life

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If sharing is divine, sharing knowledge is highly divine, teachers are those noble souls who impart knowledge, they are selfless people who are engaged in the attempt of chiseling out lives patiently.

Importance of Teacher

importance of teacher, teacher in student's life

To increase knowledge we have to learn and educate ourselves. Knowledge is power and education is a key to success and to fight illiteracy. Only a teacher or a guru who is a literate person can help us do that. A good teacher has a lot of patience, is a good listener, a good adviser, with good teaching skills, techniques and good knowledge. A teacher understands the psychological bent of a student to drive some ideas home. A good teacher teaches good morals and values and who never says neglects the student and doesn’t mind working round the clock, no matter what time or place.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. Chinese proverb

A teacher is one who helps us build our future right from the amateur stages of our lives. A teacher must therefore be able to identify the child’s caliber and harness it in the right direction. Teachers play an important role in molding our lives. Inspiring the students help them to take a proper step and get better ideas for their bright future. And in the future the student always respects their teacher for their hard efforts.

Teacher and Student relationship

Teacher student relationship plays a very important role in students life. Teaching is not a one way process, but it is a two way where both the teacher and student are involved. To make the subject very clear and simple to the student the teacher has to improve the teaching skills and the student can still talk to the teacher about the subject from their point of view. Here both can learn from one another, and finally it is the teacher who helps the student in moving ahead with the better education, ideas which helps the student in deciding the future. A good teacher and the student improves trust and has respect for one another even at the elderly age.


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