goan patoli recipe, goan patolio, goan patoleo recipe
    Goan Patoleo, Goan Patoli
    goan patoli recipe, goan patolio, goan patoleo recipe
    goan patoli recipe, goan patolio, goan patoleo recipe

    Goan Patoleo Recipe, Patoli Recipe


    August 14, 2018

    Goan Patoleo Recipe or Goan Patoli Recipe a very traditional and popular goan steamed sweet dish prepared mostly on 15th August at Independence Day and the Feast of Our Lady of Assumption, also prepared at June 24th at St. Joao. To make Goan Patoli Recipe is very easy where rice paste is used and goan jaggery with grated coconut is used for filling and then steaming. I remember this day from my childhood waiting for August 15th for my mom to make Goan Patoleos at home or to buy the goan patolios. Check our other Sweet Dish Recipes

    • Prep: 4 hrs
    • Cook: 30 mins
    • Yields: 12 Servings

    Ingredients for Goan Patoleo Recipe, Patoli Recipe

    For Goan Patoleo

    12 turmeric leaves (medium sized)

    2 cups goan rice or boiled rice


    For Goan Patoli Stuffing

    2 cups grated coconut

    1 cup goan pyramid jaggery / dark jaggery (grated)

    1 tbsp cardamon powder

    a pinch of salt

    Directions for Goan Patoleo Recipe, Patoli Recipe

    1To prepare the Goan Patolio soak the rice in water for atleast 3 hours or overnight.

    2Drain the water and grind to it a thick fine paste using little water and salt.

    3Rinse the turmeric leaves and clean them with the cloth and place them aside.

    4Mix all the Goan Patoli Stuffing ingredients (except cardamon powder) with little water and let it cook till the jaggery melts and water evaporates.

    5Now add the cardomon powder and mix well.

    6Next place little quantity of rice flour paste on the turmeric leaf and evenly spread it over all (not at the leaf ends)

    7Add the Goan Patoli Stuffing cooked on the turmeric leaf above and stuff it.

    8Fold the Goan Patalio leaf by slowly pressing at the ends.

    9Continue the same procedure as mentioned above for the other patolios.

    10Now place the Patoleos in the steamer and let it steam for about 15 -20 minutes or till done.

    11Remove from the steamer and this delicious Goan Patoli is ready to be served, it should be served with the leaf

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