Wednesday, April 1, 2020

About Us

tutions for icse, cbse, ssc schoolsAt Debz Workshop tutorials we believe that teaching is an art. It requires a lots of experience and teaching skills. I have grown and evolved as a teacher. Its not that we only teach in this profession, but in this process we also learn as teachers from our students as we share our views and ideas with them. At our tutions we share a beautiful bond of a teacher-student relationship. Teaching is a noble profession where the teacher helps to mould the students career and future. Teachers are also called Gurus, right from ancient times the art of teaching and learning go hand in hand.

Spreading and imparting knowledge is a technique which a skilled and talented teacher can do. This profession has evolved me as a person and has taught me to have a lot of patience and to work harder. With my skills and teaching techniques I help students to learn better. Inspired by my own childhood of having good teachers way back when I was in school. I admired the dedication, affection and the patience they had for me when I was a child, over the years my passion for teaching has grown even more. Knowledge is power to fight illiteracy and education gives us that power.

recipes for cakes, sweet dishes, chicken, mutton and vegetable, saladsIt was my dream as a child to start a workshop to share my ideas. Cooking and teaching are a part of my hobby. Learning and cooking sumptious and delicious food from my mother has been a passion as she has been the best inspiration to me. I have being experimenting for new recipes as I enjoy cooking. Debz Workshop is the right platform to share recipes, we are also open to others to share their own recipes with their pictures and comments with us. We would love for readers to share our experiences in our articles. At Debz workshop we impart our knowledge, our cuisines (recipes) and encourage readers to go through our articles and also our information on blogs regarding cooking, shopping, education, health and much more…..

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